Emergency program provides FREE childcare to North Carolina’s essential workers

We are proud to support essential workers like you! YOU are our community’s heroes, and help keep us healthy and safe during this challenging time.

Now let us be there for you.

If you are an essential worker in need of financial assistance for childcare, the state of North Carolina can help you with their new Emergency Childcare Subsidy Program.  

FREE childcare for essential workers
The state of North Carolina will pay for your childcare for the months of April and May, if you meet certain qualifications. There’s no paying up-front and being reimbursed. Your childcare is 100% covered. 

Who qualifies?
Parents or caregivers can receive free childcare for April and May if they:

Household Size 2 3 4 5 6

Income Limit $51,720 $65,160 $78,600 $92,040 $105,480

How do I get started?
The application is short and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

  1. Contact us immediately if you need care!
  2. Complete a short application and submit it to your school.
  3. Download > COVID-19 Parent Application for Financial Assistance. The application is also available in Spanish.
  4. Or, pick up a paper application at any open school in North Carolina. 

Help spread the word
Many essential workers in need of safe childcare don’t know about this program. Please share and help spread the word!

This financial assistance is available at all operating childcare centers in North Carolina, not just Foundations. Help other essential workers get the support they need by spreading the word today.

Online Resources

Learn more > North Carolina Emergency Childcare Subsidy Program

Download > COVID-19 Free Childcare Parent Application (English)

Download >COVID-19 Free Childcare Parent Application (Spanish)

Read > NC stay at home Executive Order listing all Essential Workers

Select List of Essential Businesses

Full listing available on NC’s Stay at Home Executive Order.