Toddler-Child-CareBeing a toddler means to use your newfound locomotion skills to get out and explore the world. But, being a parent means you want someone to provide all the nurture and love your baby still needs.

Our Toddler Room is designed to meet both of your needs. Our skilled teachers get to know your special child, and meet his/her physical and emotional needs while helping them adjust to a more formal learning environment.

In our Toddler classroom:

  • Teachers use the nationally-recognized Creative Curriculum™ to build children’s understanding of the world and develop skills.
  • Formal story times are introduced and guided reading cards support teachers in helping children gain literacy skills while enjoying developmentally-appropriate literature.
  • Songs, games, and teacher-led activities help your child develop math, science, social, emotional, and literacy skills.
  • Sign language and Spanish instruction are included as part of your toddler’s day to broaden his or her understanding of the world and enhance communication abilities.
  • Our proprietary Character Counts program uses children’s stories to help your child acquire literacy skills and explore character development.

So much learning – so much fun.

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