steamSTEAM Learning Zone

What is STEAM? STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses these five disciplines as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. This new approach is intended to provide students with the critical tools they need to meet the needs of our new economy – and become the innovators, educators, leaders and learners of the 21st century!

At Foundations Early Learning Center, your child will participate in our cutting-edge STEAM Zone. This room provides children with hands-on, interactive experiences in all aspects of a STEAM education*.

  • Science: Children study the properties of light, among other phenomena, through the light cube and rotating accessories.
  • Technology: As our world becomes increasingly technological, children need the skills to navigate complex tools and machines. They gain these skills as they interact with our Inspire Plus board and related software. Related tools are part of the Preschool, Pre-K, and School-Age classrooms.
  • Engineering: Children are the engineers as the world, as they build complex roadways with our ramps and balls kits and manipulate pieces on our magnet wall.
  • Art: Artists are keen observers and recorders of the world around them. Children are encouraged to emulate these traits as they use a variety of art media to represent their understanding of the world.
  • Math: Math is so much more than 1, 2, and 3. It’s patterns, equations, geometry, and sequencing. Children build their knowledge about these subjects (and many more) as they build with specialized blocks, and play interactive math games on our technology platforms.

*STEAM equipment may vary by school.

Exploring Spanish and Sign Language

Our goal is to support each child in building a strong educational foundation. Research shows early exposure to second (or third) languages provides children with multiple developmental benefits, including:

  • More advanced first language skills
  • Greater ease speaking a second language later in life
  • Greater cultural understanding
  • More advanced literacy acquisition
  • Greater cognitive functioning

We have incorporated two additional languages into our curriculum — Spanish and Sign Language.

Beginning as early as our infant classroom, children are exposed to Spanish words and phrases in natural ways, and invited to use them throughout the day. They also begin learning simple signs (signing) to express themselves. This empowers children to communicate before developing the ability to use speech to express themselves.

Supplemental-Program-2Exclusive Character Counts Literacy and Character Building Program

Foundations Early Learning Center’s Character Counts literacy and character development program uses children’s literature to support your child’s development through shared reading, interactive discussions, and engaging small groups.

Each month, a new adventure begins! Your child’s teacher will read a story using a set of techniques designed to enhance your child’s understanding of literacy concepts and encourage the development of positive character traits. Through these experiences, your child will build an understanding of literacy concepts, story comprehension, book knowledge, and the connection between oral and written language.

Ask your child’s teacher or Center Director for more information on this month’s book – or look for the Character Counts display in your child’s classroom!

Spring & Winter School Breaks

When school is out for Spring, Summer or Winter Break, we’ve got you covered! We design a fun, engaging full day program to keep your student engaged in exciting, seasonal activities.

We know you need flexibility, so our school break program fits any family’s busy schedule. Attend the full week, a few days or just a few hours.

Local Enrichment Programs

Each Foundations Early Learning Center works with local partners to bring additional optional enrichment programs to your child. These vary by school, but may include soccer, dance, fitness, yoga, stretch programs and so much more!