infants-2How to Choose Quality Child Care for Your Family

Choosing a child care and early education partner is a difficult decision. Here are some questions you should ask when searching for a provider:

Locations and Hours

  • Is the location convenient for your family?
  • Are the hours convenient for your family?

Staff and Teachers

  • How long have the teachers and director been with the school?
  • How long have the teachers and director been working in the child care field?
  • Is there ongoing professional development for teachers?
  • Do the children and teachers appear happy?
  • Are staff actively involved children (i.e. on the floor infants, etc.)?


  • Is the classroom equipped with a wide range of materials?
  • Do the children interact positively with each other? With the teacher(s)?

Program and Curriculum

  • Is the facility licensed?
  • What is the name of the curriculum bring taught in the classroom?
  • Is the curriculum nationally-recognized and approved by the state?
  • Is there a weekly lesson plan or schedule posted?
  • Does the curriculum help children prepare for school?

Health, Safety and Nutrition

  • Is the front door locked for security?
  • Does the building have video surveillance or video cameras?
  • Does the school have a detailed family handbook?
  • Is there a staff member trained in first aid and CPR at the school at all times?
  • Are nutritious meals and snacks planned and served? Is there a menu posted for parents?

Family-Resources-2Communication and Parent Interaction

  • Is there an open door policy? Can family visit anytime?
  • Is a daily record kept of feeding, naps, diaper changes? Is there a daily or weekly activity report?
  • Does your child’s classroom have observation windows so you can easily view the activities going on?