Our Teachers

At Foundations Early Learning Center, our mission is to provide quality care and education – every child, every family, every day. Our team is comprised of passionate and skilled early childhood professionals committed to making that mission come alive in their classrooms.

TeachersAll Foundations Early Learning Center teachers:

  • Certified by the state, and meet all childcare requirements.
  • Trained in CPR and first aid, and complete trainings in early childhood health and safety.
  • Complete Creative Curriculum trainings and collaborate with our education department to ensure our curriculum comes alive in their classrooms.
  • Progress through individualized professional development plans to strengthen skills and keep apprised of the most recent research into early childhood education.
  • Are encouraged to further their formal education by completing their CDA or earning a degree through our partnership with Rasmussen College.
  • Complete criminal background checks based on state and local licensing requirements, reference checks, and verification of educational credentials.


Classroom Spaces for Growing and Learning

The experiences we provide for a child during their early years sets the stage for the rest of their lives. Your child deserves a space in which his or her body and mind can not only develop, but thrive!

Our classroom spaces are designed to give your child’s brain and body everything they need at each stage of development:

  • Infants: Babies need to move! We limit the time your infant is in a device (i.e. swings, bouncy seats, etc.) and ensure there’s plenty of space for them to move and explore interesting materials to exercise their brains.
  • Toddlers/Two’s: This stage is all about independence; about developing and using new thinking and physical skills. Children assert their independence as they make choices from low shelves and navigate the room and routine “all by myself.”
  • Preschool/Pre-K: These classrooms open up doors to big things. Our specialized technology offerings move your child beyond the classroom walls and into learning that can take them anywhere.
  • School-Age Children: At this age, it’s about hanging out with friends and having fun. Our classrooms have spaces for everything to make your child comfortable, engaged in fun learning, and enjoying life when school is not in session.

Our Curriculum

Foundations Early Learning Center is proud to utilize the nationally-recognized, award-winning Creative Curriculum in our classrooms. Based on 38 learning objectives, Creative Curriculum teaches exploration and discovery as a way of learning – and teaches children to be creative, confident thinkers.

Children learn best when they are active participants in learning.

Our Creative Curriculum will:

  • Engage your child in active learning in literacy, math, science, and social studies while building social-emotional and gross and fine motor development.
  • Guide your child in exploring topics relevant to young learners.
  • Provide daily large and small group, and individual experiences built around the 38 learning objectives that experts agree are most important to your child’s academic success.
  • Guide teachers in individual instruction for your child, as we know your child is unique and learns in her/his own way.

Learn more about Creative Curriculum by visiting www.creativecurriculum.net.

Safety & Security

The safety and security of your child is our top priority. Each Foundations Early Learning Center uses these systems to ensure the safety of all children and staff in our buildings:

  • Video cameras. Our schools are protected by video surveillance. Upon entering the school, you are being taped with video and audio equipment.
  • Secure lobby and building. Our schools are equipped with a secure entry system to ensure only those with permission may enter our school. Systems vary by school, but are typically PIN code or key fob.
  • Visitor. All visitors must sign-in and show proper identification. Visitors are accompanied at all times during their tour or visit.


Nutrition & Meals

Each day we serve a fresh, nutritious breakfast, lunch, and a snack. We provide a balance of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and limit foods high in sugar or fat, as recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Our menus are approved by nutritional experts and follow recommendations provided by the USDA and specific state requirements. Your child’s weekly menus are posted in advance, so you always know what is being served.

Daily meal components include:






Foundations Early Learning Center does not allow outside food, unless the facility is unable to meet a child’s dietary needs. Documentation from a physician may be required to support the request.