Infant-Child-CareRecent research shows us that infant development and learning depends on nurturing care from caregivers that are “tuned in” to each individual child.

In our Infant classroom:

  • Our caregivers build strong relationships with your baby through conversations, interactions, and responsive care routines.
  • Baby sign language is used to help caregivers better understand and meet your baby’s needs more quickly.
  • Teachers plan an individualized curriculum based on your baby’s unique learning needs.
  • Teachers use the nationally-recognized Creative Curriculum™ to provide your baby with engaging experiences that support his/her growth and development in all domains.
  • Our infant environments are filled with soft spaces to facilitate your child’s exploration and stimulating materials to engage their curiosity.

At Foundations Early Learning Center, high quality care and individualized education come together to provide your special infant with the solid foundation they need to take on further learning.

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