Communication with your child’s teacher is incredibly important! And that is why we take every opportunity to communicate with you about your child’s day, including sending you real-time photos and updates through our free mobile app!

Here are a few ways to keep up-to-date on your child’s day and progress:

  • Real-time photos, updates and reminders through our free mobile app
  • Daily Reports in the infant, toddler and step-up rooms
  • What We Did Today Notes in the preschool through school-age classes
  • Family conferences with your child’s teacher twice a year, or as requested.

Foundations Mobile App | Don’t Miss a Moment!

“How is my baby feeling today?” “What is my preschooler working on this afternoon?”

Connect to your child’s classroom through our complimentary mobile app, and you’ll always be in the know when your child is at Foundations.

  • Receive real-time photos and videos of your child
  • Updates on diapering, naps, meals and activities
  • See menus, calendars, lesson plans and more
  • Send instant messages to your school
  • Receive weather updates and closing alerts
  • Get updates via text, email, or app notification
  • Works on any smartphone, PC or tablet 


Interested in getting signed-up? Contact your Center Director and get connected in minutes!